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Superscript in a Markdown note

There is clearly something that I am not getting. I am trying to use superscript in a markdown note with html markup. I can get superscript with html markup if the note has no prototype. But, if the note’s prototype is Markdown, the raw HTML is rejected.

I am using tinderbox 9, on Mac 11.6, and an M1 Mac mini.I am using the built in HTML template for export.

CleanShot 2021-11-17 at 21.45.56

This seems to be a quirk of the CommonMark flavour of Markdown. Select the Markdown prototypes and change the value of $HTMLPreviewCommand from the default CommonMark to Markdown.

Why CommonMark fails in this context is probably best asked in a CommonMark forum.

Yes, I’ve found a similar inconsistency between CommonMark and Markdown.

One suggestion is that CommonMark’s specs state ‘raw html’ must be on a discrete line. Which in the above case, of course it can’t.

It took years for HTML itself to settle down but is now pretty solid. Markdown is still young and—rather akin to the early browser wars—has many flavours that choose to do things differently. In the meantime just using HTML without Markdown works just fine, in terms of export. (and Yes ,I do realise Markdown offers some additional benefits aside for export fidelity).

Of course, were you using normal Tinderbox markup, you could simply embed the HTML tags!

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Actually, I’ve found this not to be the case. I will often get an error “RAW HTML obmitted.” I’ve yet to completely grock when and when this happens.

To be clear, are you seeing this when Markdown is not being used? I asked as it is that to which my my quoted text was referring.

I have never, ever seen “RAW HTML omitted” from a native Tinderbox export. Those words do not occur in the Tinderbox codebase.

Thank you Mark, that seems to work.

It turns out that CommonMark has an option to permit “unsafe” embedded HTML. As there’s no opportunity for others to insert unwanted HTML in your Tinderbox documents, I believe we’ll support this in the next release.