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Surprising change in attributes display

Hi… I somehow created a vexing change. Somehow I’ve changed an attribute (or something) which shows up by limiting the attribute display value size, or making it whitespace, or shutting it off, or something. I can see attributes names in the attribute window as part of the larger text window. But I cannot see their values.


For example, no numbers show up defining the map height, though a quickstamp verifies that it is ‘5’. I’m zooming in on what appears to be a tiny window that I can click on, of almost zero size, which might be the actual value?

I’ve changed the text pane window size, opening it up to almost the entire screen width, without seeing any change in this behavior. Can anyone guess what I’ve inadvertently


That’s a glitch - there is certainly no user-accessible setting that would control the issue you report. Does the problem affect only one tab, one whole document, are all documents? anyway, some things to try:

  • Try dragging the splitter pane between the views. This should cause the KA table to re-draw.
  • Try switching tabs. If only one tab in your doc temporarily add a new tab and switch to it and back. Either way your forcing a refresh (re-draw of the UI).
  • If you add a new tab, does it have the same problem? If not set up the new tab as for the old and close the old tab.
  • Close re-open the doc. Does this clear the issue?

If none of these work, please contact formal tech support (info@eastgate.com) as they may need to take a look at (a copy of) your document.

It looks from the screen shot that the Text and Map are maybe in dark mode or using a color scheme that has white text? Not sure – I don’t use dark mode at all.

What version of Tinderbox are you using @jrl? Have you tried this with a completely new document? There’s an “error” displayed – have you been able to resolve that?

thanks for the replies. The problem seems to have disappeared with open/ close, shut down tabs etc. I’ll be a little more aware if it happens again and report in.

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