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after watching nice introductory tutorials on Tinderbox Programming and HTML exporting I was thinking, would it be nice to see Syntax-Highlighting integrated into the editor ?

This is not a bad idea, but then again let’s keep in mind that there are a lot of tools that do this, e.g. BBEDIT, and Eastgate has a small team. I believe their strategy is to let other tools do what they do best and have Tinderbox do what it does best.

To this end, for longer action code, personally, I use BBEDT. It really helps since BBEdit has larger real estate to work with.

Image: BBEDIT Screenshot of Becker’s daily journal pTimeTracker prototype Rule in BBEDIT

Side note: If you want to create an extra line in a Rule or Edict box when editing action code use ⌥ ENTER. This will add a line. Makes it easier to see your code (again, using an external editor, however, at least for me, is a lot easier).

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As a general rule, whenever I find myself wishing for syntax highlighting or needing a bigger space for a complicated rule, I ask myself whether there’s a simpler process.

A few smaller and simpler agents can often do the work of a complex rule, while making your intent clearer and easier to document.

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Totally agree! In my experience, however, getting to this point can sometimes take a few iterations. I’ve found that I think I want something to work one way, I get it to work. Then I find that It was not exactly what I expected, or I did not really need it, or there is another and simper way. As @mwra would say, its all part of the “incremental formalization” process.