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Tabs row keeps hiding itself when mouse approaches or

When I move the mouse to the top of the screen the tabs row appears, and when I move it away it hides itself. Id like it to stay visible! how do I change this behaviour??
(It is not happening on any other TB files)
All the best

To stop hiding tabs, turn off View ▸ Tab ▸ Hide Tabs

Many thanks, that would be great, but its not those tabs. I dont know what the term is to describe the tabs that are under those tabs!
In the image : im referring to the tabs called ‘week 4’ ‘packets of work’ etc which are all views into the same TBfile, and it is these which appear and disappear on the approach of the cursor. Sometimes they seem to remain hidden even when the cursor is over them. I dont know if its feature that I have accidentally turned on, but I would like them to remain visible!
Many thanks for any advice

Tabs row keeps hiding itself when mouse approaches or - Q & A - getting started with Tinderbox - Tinderbox Forum 2020-11-10 10-21-54
In your screen grab I see 5 ‘layers’:

  1. The app window caption bar.

  2. OS per-app app tabs - it shows all windows for all open TBXS (unless the user has these as separate windows. I’m not too familar with this type of tab use (they are off/hidden by default) but they are turned off/on via the View menu’s first item ** Show Tab Bar - see here. When these tabs are hidden the menu item is captioned Hide Tab Bar.

  3. The TBX file window’s tab bar. This holds two tabs by default; the user can add delete tabs (minimum one, up to … many tabs). The grab shows 5 tabs. Each tab has a view and text pane, the view type & scope, and current selection (i.e. text pane contents) can differ per tab. These tabs are shown by default and, as @eastgate has noted are shown or hidden via the Tab sub-menu of the View menu. When hidden, these tabs still show a slight rule and mousing over that will cause the tab bar to show thus allowing use even if normally hidden away (IOW you don’t have to toggle the tabs back on to use them).

  4. This is the (view pane only) breadcrumb bar shown if the view is hoisted (i.e. scoped to below root level).

  5. The view pane (here a map view).

Both sets of tabs (#2 and #3) can be set per-document and are presumably saved in the TBX file.

From your description, you appear to be trying alter the behaviour of #3. In which case the already suggested menu controls do work. At least for me, using v8.8.1 on macOS 10.14.6.

Thank you so much for explaining this in such exquisite detail. I now realise that I had not followed the initial advice of Eastgate , and had switched on and off the ‘show tab bar’, rather than going down to the Tabs sub menu. Im very grateful, I was blind and now can see.
Best wishes


No problem, having multiple tab bars can get confusing. Glad you are fixed.