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Taking a repeatable assessment in Tinderbox?

I wonder if any of you have attempted anything like this, and have some insight you can share. My scenario is related to my earlier post on Life, Time, and Task Management, but my question here is different. So, I created a new thread to distinguish them. Though I might use the word “template” below, I think that I mean something different than the “call for starter templates” and something different than the TBman “means” when it discusses “templates” in the context of export templates. In this case, by “template” I mean something more like e prototype. However, I’m not sure if merely creating a prototype will address this challenge. So, here goes.
I’ve attached a Numbers sheet that I’ve made a template in Numbers. It’s a “Depression Checklist,”(handling 2020’s stress, etc.) an assessment that I want to be able to retake periodically and save the data from each instance (i.e. I think a prototype could do this). I, then, though, want to build a dashboard, leveraging this cumulative assessment data and displays various KPI and trends over time. Then, I could use Tinderbox’s other powerful tools to reflect on life on any day I take the assessment, etc. So, my questions are:

  1. Once you see the Numbers file, could I build something like this inside of a Tinderbox prototype, and do so in such a way that I could create a dashboard displaying various datapoint?

  2. If it’s possible to do this in a Tinderbox “Assessment” or “Checklist” prototype, could it be as “simple” as creating a table inside of the prototype’s text field?
    2.a. Is there a way for a Tinderbox dashboard to read data stored in individual rows and fields of a text based table displayed within a note’s text field?

  3. Or, for Tinderbox to identify data distinct to each question, would I need to create a “Question” prototype and create separate notes for each question in the assessment? (I’m hoping this is not the answer.)
    3.a. If this is the answer, is there a way to do it so that I don’t have to literally trigger prototypes of every question each time I want to retake an assessment?

Thank you for your input! You all have a great day,

I think you meant to attach a file to your post?

Not easily. Not well. You could create attributes for your data.

More depends on the data in your file, I suppose.

I suggest you look into features such as Attribute Browser and Crosstabs View which might assist your investigation. Also, the Timeline View can help when reviewing internal state over time.

Paul, Thank you. I do intend to build a timeline. I forgot to reference that. Also, I do intend to leverage Attribute Browser and Crosstabs view.

As far as just general approach to building it (now that I’ve posted the “Numbers” file), would you create an “Assessment” prototype and incorporate all questions into it, and have the data points (answers) be attributes? Or would I need to have multiple question notes to hold those attributes? It would be one thing if we Tinderbox offered a “Nested Prototype” (a prototype incorporating multiple prototypes). I think that would allow to do this simply.

OK, now I see the screenshot of the file.

I suggest creating a prototype (say “DailyCheckin”) and add to it numeric attributes – User Attributes – for all 15 scalar questions in the questionnaire. For each entry, use one of {0,1,2,3} (or you could use a {1,2,3,4} scale).

That way, you could have a daily note – put some narrative into its text – and you would have captured hard data to use in your analysis.

The upfront cost of setting this structure in place will pay back over time as you work with your data in Tinderbox.

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Perfect! That’s the perspective I needed. Thank you, much, Paul.

Have an awesome day.

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Also, you could create a dashboard to visualize the results over time.

The action dashboard built into Tinderbox would be a good reference to help you do this:

Ito took me a while figure out how to move the data around in attribute to make it work, but once I got it I relish in the power and insight. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Michael. Yes. I do intend to create dashboards like the image you provided. Looking forward to the insight.

Have a great day,