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Taking Care with the Attribute Browser

I’m using the attribute browser to do some mass linkTo assigning and I realize I’m not clear how sensitive the action panel is. Can someone tell me if I’m being overly cautious?

  1. I click “query” button
  2. I enter a query into the query box
  3. I click outside the query box
  4. I confirm query is correct
  5. I click “action” button
  6. I enter action code into the action box
  7. I click outside the action box
  8. I confirm action has applied
  9. I click action button again
  10. I delete action code
  11. I start over at step 1

It seems like if I do not delete action code before querying a new set of notes, I’ll immediately apply the former action once the query runs, is this right?

I’m not sure, but if you click any document tab’s tab (i.e. in the tab bar) it will refresh the view, in the case of the AB view with an agent and action it would cause this to run. If you see the tab label’s text briefly go red don’t worry it just means the view’s busy re-calculating, as may happen in a big/complex view.