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TB v8.0.0 Outline Filter loses Outline Expanders

I forget what you call those little Outline Expanders that indicate the presence of children and can be used to expand or collapse an outline node. But, in any event, I notice they disappear when going into Outline Filter mode, and don’t come back after leaving that mode.

I was hoping the new Outline Filter would allow me to see two particular Containers on the same hierarchical level, complete with their Disclosure Triangles. Right now with TB 7, what I do is load each Container in a separate Tab, using Focus View for each Tab.

I think this is an unexpected outcome of the filter process, which is quite new. It feels like a bug as the Expand and Collapse view menu options and shortcuts do still work in filter mode. Of course it’s easier to see what may be collapsed as opposed to what might expand.

I find that the outline widgets are (incorrectly) not drawn while the filter is visible, and that they return (correctly) when the filter is dismissed. We’ll get this corrected in the next release.