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TB Version 7.5.6 (b335) crashing on opening my tbx

Hi, I’ve used TB a couple of years, and no problems. Now I can’t open my file anymore; crash on open. Is there a way to run at check/repair on my file? Or can I send it to Eastgate to get it fixed?
I haven’t done anything special for a long time, only added notes.
I look forward to hear advice.
Kindly, Gunnar

I suggest sending the document and the crash report(s) to bernstein-at-eastgate-dot-com

Thank you very much - I will do that.

The answer here was a single note with a complex formatted layout — a layout that couldn’t fit in the allowed width of the text pane.

Apple’s text engine is not always very clever about this, which can happen when copying text from a web page or the like. We now guard against this, but of course this was an older file.

Anyway, fixed now!