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TBX 9.2.1 opening TBX files in Storyspace

After installing TBX 9.2.1, found two TBX files used daily for years now open in Storyspace. After confirming 9.2.1 had actually been installed and would run when opened, discovered my iMac running macOS 12.3.1 had somehow changed the app associated with .tbx files to Storyspace. Changed the “Open with” in Get Info for all .tbx files and things are back to normal: when a .tbx file is clicked, it opens properly, as expected, in Tinderbox.

There is still a new icon displayed with these files. It looks like three colorful notes connected with links.

Also, although the new version of TBX has been opened many times, am still getting “You are opening the application “Tinderbox9.app” for the first time. …” Smells like a flag not being thrown somewhere.

No idea wherefrom this gremlin appeared but disconcerting until fixed.

Eager to explore other changes.

This is a Finder issue on your machine.

Tinderbox and Storyspace use the same file format, so when you delete a version of Tinderbox, Finder may associate your Tinderbox files with Storyspace. You can use Finder’s info window to tell Finder what to do.

You’re seeing the Storyspace document icons; Finder should switch to the Tinderbox icon once it sorts through the caches.