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.tbx attachments to posts?

Hi all —

Is there a way to attach a .tbx file to a post in this forum? I only see how to attach images. Is there a “standard” way to share .tbx files here?



There are a couple methods you can use to attach a .tbx file to a post here.

Correction: Upload button only allows uploading of image files.

Hi Russel.

Thanks for the response!

For me, uploading with the button only allows image files, not .tbx files. This strikes me as quite odd for this forum. Are you able to upload .tbx documents this way?

I’ll just link to cloud-storage in the future.


You’re right. My oversight! It’s so rare that I can actually answer a question here. I got over-eager to contribute. :neutral_face:

I believe that .tbx attachments are now permitted.

Yep. And I can confirm the upload works.

THANKS.tbx (51.1 KB)

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