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TBX automation for planning


I was browsing through the list of artisanal software [*] and found Hyperplan interesting, then felt "hey, this is something Tinderbox should be able to do too.

As far as I can tell, you’d need to have prototypes for the items on the board, agents with queries on various tabulated properties, and rules set on adding these items to some large central adornment, but this is a fuzzy idea – while it is theoretically possible, I don’t know how efficient it’d be, and was wondering if anyone had created something similar

Anyone actually use Hyperplan here? Anyone built something similar with Tinderbox?


[*] Minor aside: I first did this four years ago, and this is a great list, though tragically under-appreciated compared to their “web-only” cousins; I have have slowly and steadily bought from this list over time, and currently own Tinderbox, Devonthink, and TextExpander. Highly recommend going through and learning more!

Yes: it can be done in Tinderbox, especially if you don’t have hundreds of dependencies.

Of course, a more specialized tool can work more efficiently.