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Tbx for Meetings:Topics:Tasks - Example

I have included a Read me first file that explains the function of this little tbx example.

I put it up (with some dummy data inside) because I think it might be helpful for those just getting to grips with;

  • Display Expressions
  • Agents
  • Use of the rule to set different badges
  • On Add action to set prototypes
  • Export templates to display different aspects of the same note

MeetingsTopicsTasks.tbx (112.3 KB)

Hope it helps

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Very nice! I’m enjoying working through the example and reading your intro.

There’s a error – seems that something (a prototype most likely) is expecting to find a template in one location when in fact it is in another.

Also – general style is to put Prototypes and Templates as siblings at the root of a document (i.e., /Prototypes and /Templates. Nothing breaks if they are not, but the inbuilt prototypes and templates will create those locations if they are not found.

Thanks and thanks for spotting

I cut and pasted from my real file ( so as principally not to share the ennui of my meetings life with you all ) and missed it - The text template is just ^text^ of course - cheers

Yes it is. Though, export will not work as intended if Tinderbox cannot find the template, of course.

Just taken a look and yes I now see the templates container had become a child of the protocol container through a slip of the tab key - Whilst I always (when not slipping) have them as siblings I also always put them in a setup container ( containing others like boilerplate, css etc… ) as it gets them all out of the way with one click in outline view. - cheers

Here is a copy of @Markoconnor’s file that eliminates the error warnings by fixing the broken template links – nothing else is changed. Sorry to step in, but it’s helpful for some users to have files that do not throw off errors.

MeetingsTopicsTasks_pw.tbx (113.0 KB)

Thanks Paul - just beat me to it - These sort of slips are good for the learning curve anyhow :slight_smile: