TBX & StSp: HTML export for Web Presentation

My plans for the summer involve working on a long-ish and largely narrative hypertext project. I’m in the initial stages of organizing a pile of text fragments for transfer from Scrivener to either TBX or Storyspace.

I want my project to be presented online as an add-on to my web site. My understanding is that the link magic possible in Storyspace (which is amazing) is only usable to a reader who is viewing in Storyspace or in the Storyspace reader. Which I take to mean that an HTML export from TBX and Storyspace will produce the same functionality. Is this in fact the case?

I’d just like to understand what’s possible before I choose what to work in and how to proceed.

Yes, at present the HTML export functionality is identical. I expect in the future, Tinderbox-style HTML export will be simplified in Storyspace, or perhaps removed entirely.

But since they use the same files, you can always work in Storyspace and export in Tinderbox.

Very interested by your project since I intend to work in the future on a multimedia project in the field of life stories in a configuration possibly very close to yours: a series of short stories that would be directly read on Storyspace reader. Please, let me know more about the advance of that project.

Thanks for the info @eastgate. I’ll probably work in TBX because it’s familiar and to avoid temptation: I like how the default links and the “decks” work in Storyspace but I think writing for them is different from writing for links that are set and visible the way they are on the web. That’s no criticism btw. I just have an audience in mind for this that is not likely to download a reader to deal with a text. Basic HTML is accessible to them so I’ll work with that in mind.

And @dominiquerenauld, this project also involves life writing. It’s very preliminary for the moment, so nothing to share yet, mais si tout va bien…p-ê à bientôt…

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