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TBX TIP: $DisplayedAttributes is just the tip of the iceberg

It is important to remember, in Tinderbox every note has every attribute associated with it. The adage “what you see is what you get” does not apply here. In Tinderbox, what you get is every attribute with every note, all the time. Just because you don’t see an attribute in the “Text” pane when looking at a note DOES NOT mean that attribute is NOT associated with the note. It is. The value in an attribute, or lack of value, is what gives a note its form, function, and purpose. Case in point, $DisplayedAttributes. $DisplayedAttributes is just another attribute that a note employs. Now, a note, by default will ALWAYS have $Name and $Text visible; you can’t turn these off, i.e. hide. But the rest is fair game. For example, if you wanted $Color (a system attribute) and $Type (in this case a user generated attribute) visible in a note all you’d need to do is add the following value – Color;Type – to the note’s $DisplayedAttributes attribute and these two attributes would be visible. You could even add the $DisplayedAttributes attribute to the $DisplayedAttributes value, e.g. Color;Type;DisplayedAttributes.

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