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TBX7: dragging a note in map view always displaying "golden ratio"

First of all, great news with TBX7! Didn’t see that coming :slight_smile:
Overall map experience is smoother (when dragging the view; dragging notes still a bit slowish).
I’ve read that holding shift when dragging would constrain direction, but its seems it’s not working.
Also, most notes keep displaying “golden ratio” when being dragged (don’t know if its normal).
I’d also suggest the creation of a “Bug report” section in main forum topic list – to get a centralized place to gather this kind of info.

EDIT: I’m a CAD kind of guy … I’d really to have the option of zooming in / out in a map view with the mouse scroll. Pleeeaseee. :mask:

Press shift before clicking on the object/selection you’re dragging. I don’t know the tech reason why the order matters, but it does.

The 'golden ratio bit is part of the (alignment) guides that came in with v6. They are on by default but can be toggled on off (I suspect it’s a per doc thing) via the menu View > Guides.

I’ve answered the ‘bug reports’ suggestion in your parallel thread in the ‘Meta’ sub-forum.

Feature requests, by convention are made in the ‘Off The Wall’ sub-forum (its description on the categories page does mention this). If it’s pressing or has /needs supporting detail, I’d email the idea and data directly to Eastgate.

Hope that covers all the points. :smile:

Thanks! Covers everything. Hm yes, I havent tried pressing shift BEFORE (perhaps due to the current software I use, which by default accepts the shift AFTER).

Tinderbox 7 provides lots of advisers or kibbitzers – guides that try to figure out where you really want to put things.

Two of those look for the aspect ratios of notes and look for the Golden Ratio and the perfect Square. The default note shape happens to be the golden ratio, so you’ll see this a lot in new documents.

For changing magnification, we already have a pair of keyboard shortcuts, two-finger double-tap, and pinch-to-zoom!

The modifier key scheduling thing is odd at first encounter. The reference drag from Bookends has the same keypress order issue. Discussion else where informs me this is “mandated interface behavior”, which I don’t disbelieve. I can only think at some past** point the pre- and post- mouse-down modifier event genuinely allowed discrete modifications by the same key combo. That’s probably blurred over time, so now seems egregious.

** apps like Tinderbox (2001), Bookends (pre 1988), DEVONThink (2002) go back a way compared to much software around now. Tinderbox still uses the Enter key in a shortcut: Enter is discrete from the Return key & now gone from all but but ‘extended’ Mac keyboards. Sometimes these odd details just do matter, even if the origin story is now cloudy. :slight_smile: I don’t think think that reflect badly on the apps. It’s nice that some things endure.

I also noticed some jittering on the vertical scrolls. I think there is a small bug making the map a bit slower and jittery than usual snappy Tinderbox. It is more noticeable on the lower spec macs (older versions). I have already reported it to Mark.

I think you put the message in the wrong place :wink: anyway, I used b222 and noticed it behaved similarly that the recent version (overall smooth with some jittering) but found out that jittery is due to having a high $InteriorScale (5 or 10) … when TBX displays the interior of a container which, due to a high $InteriorScale, has to display 100 notes inside, it gets a bit lag).