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Text crawling in nested notes

I’m brand new to Tinderbox and I’m having fun getting acquainted. However, I keep having this annoying problem - I create nested notes which I want to see in the map, but whenever I zoom in or out of the map the nested notes keep moving to the point where I can’t even see them.

Is there a simple way to lock nested notes in place to avoid this?

The notes aren’t moving.

Who you zoom in, Tinderbox scrolls to the scroll point you used last time. That might not be where you’d like, though it often will be where you most recently created or added a note.

I’d suggest one of the following:

  1. Ignore it for now. It’ll get better.
  2. Or, zoom in, type the first few characters of the note of interest, and you’ll scroll there.
  3. Or, zoom in, press ⌘⌥^ for an overview, position the cursor near your notes and release
  4. Or, zoom in. locate one of the notes, move it slightly. Zoom out, zoom in; all should be well.
  5. Or, Zoom in. Make a placeholder note or adornment in the center of the view. Drag the notes there. Zoom out, zoom in; all should be well.
  6. Or, contact tech support.
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