Text, Preview and Export sub-tabs disappearing

The Text, Preview and Export sub-tabs appear when I open a new document, but after a few seconds they disappear. Is there a setting that controls this, have I done something to change what I have been accustomed to having in my documents? How do I get these sub-tabs (if that is the right expression) back again? I’m running v9.7.2 b665.

Yes. The behaviour you see is deliberate, hinting at the presence of some controls that are hidden by default (as many users don’t not/want that). To turn the text pane selectors on, use the Window menu ▸ Show Text Pane Selector (there is no shortcut). The menu setting is a show/hide toggle.

The document remembers the show/hide setting of the selector. So, once set the ‘show’, the selectors remain visible (until/unless toggled of by the user) for the rest of the document’s life.

Terrific, thanks Mark. I must have switched this off by mistake.

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Possibly not :slight_smile: . It’s always ‘off’ by default in a new TBX doc, and thereafter as set via the user, i.e. ‘off’ until you turn it ‘on’ at least once. Anyway, now you know where to look, it’s easily reset.

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Note that you can add a shortcut to any command appearing in a Menu, using either the Apple Keyboard System Pref pane, or via one of several 3rd party apps.

CustomShortcuts is great. It auto-completes menu titles.

Thanks Pete. CustomShortcuts looks interesting.

I use Keyboard Maestro to create keyboard shortcuts for several reasons

  1. i can assign multiple shortcuts (if I choose to)
  2. I can create conflict palettes to assign the same shortcuts to context similar functions. For example: If I like to add a new note based on a thought I had, I can create a Opt+N shortcut to 1. Drafts or 2. Devonthink or even in Tinderbox each having the same shortcut.
  3. I can sync my shortcuts to different devices
  4. I can exclude certain shortcuts in specific apps or only include a specific shortcut ONLY when an app is active

Overall: it is super powerful and customizable based on your workflow.

Disclosure; I do not work for Keyboard Maestro.