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$Text to display $Name of container-children

I have on container-note that contains 3 project-notes.

I would like to:

  1. show the names of the 3 project-notes in $Text of the container-note and
  2. would love to have the names (within $Text of the container-note) being automatically linked to the respective 3 project-notes.

In other words: I’d like to create a rule that automatically creates Table of Contents-entries in $Text of an container-note of any project-note that will be added while working within the container-note.

Devonthink, for example, has the feature “Creating Table of Contents” of any beforehand selected items.

In Tinderbox, it would be cool:

  1. to have this feature, too, and
  2. even better: having a rule in the background updating this Table of Contents as new items (here: new project-notes) will be added.


ok. I guess


does the first part of what I am looking for …

What remains is: How to automatically link those names (now displayed in $Text of the container-note) to the project notes?

Tinderbox actions cannot, at present, create text links.

Well, then, we’ll have to live with what we’ve got, @eastgate. Thanks for letting me know.

Note that, in the left pane, you already have access to a list of the children of each note, and that clicking on one of those children will let you visit that note.

It’s called Outline View :slight_smile:

I get your point, @eastgate. But I’d prefer to have it working the way I described it above - since monitoring a lot of dashboard-notes in Map-View I’d prefer it to not having to switch every time to Outline-View in order to being able to “click on those children”.

And then I do remember having read a cool sentence … somewhere: :thinking:

“It has been clear for almost as long that the hypertext link is the most important new punctuation since the invention of the comma in the late middle ages.” :flushed:

So true, isn’t it, and that’s why desperately needed!

For a list, this might work better


I have a similar wish right now as useful to summarise contents of children in the container $Text fields. I can get close to the desired behaviour by collecting all the URL of the notes using the $NoteURL attribute and a stamp along the lines of

$MyList=collect(children, $NoteURL);
$Text=; $MyList.each(x){$Text=$Text+x+"\n";};

However the quoting get’s in the way of recognising the URLs as links. See for instance my screenshot below.

Editing away the quotes and the semi-colons I at least get clickable links.

That’s as far as I could get.

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