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Text Window and Full Screen Behavior

If I have a doc open in full screen mode and a text window open, and I exit full screen mode, the text window remains stranded elsewhere if I then return to full screen mode — and I cant get it to return and lie on top of said returned-to full screen view. A minor annoyance, but thoughts?

The text window is a window. So if you look in the Window menu you’ll see it listed in the bottom portion of that menu. Select that text window from the windows list and it will return to the top of the z order of windows.

Other option of course is to use the macOS Mission Control feature to see all open windows in the current desktop and select the one you want

Right but it doesnt do so if I have TB running full screen. In that case, TB slides out and I get all the other windows I have open with, yeah, the TB text window on top…

I didn’t think full screen mode was intended for multi-(discrete-)window use. How many screens are you using? Is the text window on another screen?

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Same physical screen - different “workspace” in the mac argot. When you view an app in full screen, it becomes its own “workspace” and the text window, while staying in the work space when first opened, gets stranded in another workspace — ie the one containing the apps that are NOT in full screen mode — if I exit full screen mode in TB and then return to it. Again, not a huge inconvenience — I can close the text window and reopen it in the full screen workspace, but I was wondering if this was intended behavior…

I very rarely use full screen, I am no expert on that feature—just a long-time Tinderbox user. I’d very much doubt the behaviour it’s intentional, at least from a user experience perspective.

I think this is best followed up via formal tech support rather than the user forum as the issue may hinge on your hardware/os/app version combo. Tech support can be reached at info@eastgate.com.

As far as I can see, these are macOS behaviors. Is there another app that behaves differently with a similar multi-window context? If there is, I’d suggest pointing those cases out to Eastgate, otherwise if there are no cases like that, I would assume this is not something that can be programmed around.

You’re right. Same deal with Devon Think if you tear off a text window. I’ll have to sit Tim Cook down and have a serious talk with him about this!

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