Text wrapping in the Attribute browser + Potential Bug

Is there a way to wrap the text that appears in an attribute browser. For example, if the attribute I want to display is a string that’s a medium length sentence. It typically gets cut off in the attribute browser.

Possible Bug:
Also, when adding attributes to be displayed in the columns of the attribute browser, the names of the attributes are cut off in the little drop down box. They’re cut off on the left hand side, so you’ll see the trailing letters of the name of the attribute, but not the first few letters.

Where in the view? A screengrab might help explain

That’s been spotted, a fix tested and will be resolved in the next release when it comes.

Here’s what I mean when I say that text gets cut off in the attribute browser. The text that’s cut off has those ellipsis at the end… Is there a way to wrap the text?

Sadly, I think not in AB View. Changes are afoot to allow greater display height for String attributes in Displayed Attributes and Get Info (due soon). As for AB view, I think that would need engineering of the display areas as data is shown per column (unlike per row in Displayed Attributes, etc.).

Thanks Mark. Could the text get wrapped in Outline view?

Long titles ($Name) will wrap. If using column view column view (i.e as you are in AB view) then the same limit applies.

Unfortunately, while today’s machines are fast, their speed isn’t infinite.

Currently, the Outline View wraps text for the title column, but not for other columns. Consider what we need to do, in order to lay out an outline view:

  • Each descendant of the parent note needs to be measured. (We don’t need to measure the descendants of collapsed notes, but we need it do that in advance of expanding them in order to get the animation of expansion right)

  • For each item, we need to know its width and its $DisplayName.

  • Each $DisplayName must be typeset offscreen. That means figuring out the individual height and width of every glyph, using the appropriate font(s) and the appropriate size. Those fonts vary from note to note.

This is a lot of computing — especially because it’s common to work with outline views of an entire document of a few thousand notes. Doing this for (say) six columns would be six times as much work.

I think that we’ll do this eventually, but not right away.

Okay. Makes sense. I’ll find a work around. Keeping strings as short as possible, for example.