Thank you all! Doctorate is on to documenting Tinderbox dissertation strategies

I’ve achieved a life dream—it only took 21 years, but who’s counting? :grinning: —I’ve completed my doctorate in business administration from Golden Gate University (GGU).

Becker, M. J. (2024). Predicting personal information management systems use (Publication No. 31334934). [Doctoral dissertation, Golden Gate University] ProQuest Dissertation and Theses Global.

I’d want to express my gratitude to for @eastgate, Tinderbox, and this community. There is NO WAY I would ever have gotten it done without you all.

What’s Next

When you achieve huge milestones like this, it does not mean you are done. It means that you are just getting started—you are now ready to take all your learnings and focus them on making a difference in this world. My focus is to:

  1. Support my family, industry, society
  2. Help us all achieve The Identity Nexus—the equilibrium state where the reward-to-risk ratio of digital identities and personal data exchange between individuals, public, and private organizations are balanced. Here is to Bhutan NDI, Military Connect®, and countless others who inspire me.
  3. To help develop and roll out Empowerment Tech to everyone—individuals, public, and private institutions. Among other activities, this will require that we help everyone embrace the “five-fold path to phygital sovereignty” (more on this later).
  4. To teach undergraduates, graduates, and industry professionals, and to keep learning myself (big thanks to California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, National University, GGU, Saint Mary’s College of California, Santa Clara University, Mobile Ecosystem Forum, and Association of National Advertisers). I want to share what I’ve learned so others can build off of my efforts and not have to repeat my same mistakes (or at least not in the same way)—my topics of interest include but are not limited to, digital identities and personal data management, strategic mobile marketing, and the 5Cs of knowledge management for unleashing creative potential. Countless frameworks, processes, governance models, business models, regulations, technologies, and more must be considered within each subject area.

We live in a complex, multi-disciplinary world. We need to come together to make a difference. I look forward to future collaborations with my Tinderbox family. Again, my thanks and much gratitude. :pray: :man_bowing:


Congratulations Doctor Becker!!!

It’s been interesting reading (and, later, watching) your Tinderbox journey from “huh, what?” to global expert, and gratifying to see how you’ve applied intense energy to your chosen fields of interest. You credit Tinderbox, rightfully so, but it’s really all about your commitment and focus :clap: :clap: :clap:


Well said, @PaulWalters!

Many congratulations to you, drsatikusala, and warmest wishes for you to achieve and surpass all your goals and aspirations!!

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Dear Dr. Michael Becker,
Congratulations on getting your Ph.D.
Yours, WAKAMATSU (from Japan)

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Well done Doctor Becker! You are an object lesson to all of us in the value of persistence in coming to understand, and later to master, complex ideas and technologies. I can think of no one who deserves that Ph.D. more than you.


Félicitations !

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Dr Michael Becker - that does sound nice! Warmest of congratulations on this huge achievement! I am very happy for you :hugs:

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Congratulations, Dr. Becker!

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Thanks. BTW, I referenced you in my study. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting me know! I am happy if my work helped! :grin:

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Congratulations Michael! You have conquered one of life’s great milestones! Very happy for you.

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Thank you!!! Once the dust settles, I’ll create a Tinderbox course on how to do your dissertation through and with Tinderbox. :slight_smile: