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Thankyou for 8.6

As a long time wannabe user and purchaser of a few updates to Tinderbox, I am very thankful for 8.6. There are a lot of you on here that don’t need the features introduced and I have long been jealous of the value you got out of Tinderbox. But for me, ziplinks and the link pane are the two most important features I have seen added to the product in years. These finally help me overcome the hurdle I have had with getting started with Tinderbox. It seems like a direct answer to what was discussed in the Roam discussion and lets Tinderbox become a more beautiful version of what I have been using recently: org-roam. It isn’t perfect, but it lets me get started and I am super excited. Combine these two features with the thousands of other tools in here and I am finally starting to really see the power available to me. So thankyou @eastgate for releasing this version.


I was getting ready to record a video about how I use org-roam on my YouTube channel (http://tvl.st/y). Looks like I’ll be doing one on how I will be using Tinderbox.


Agreed - my Tinderbox also needed a renovation, so I’ve just ordered one. The ziplinks together with the link pane provide a very quick way of linking notes. I’ll surely be looking onto this!

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Agreed. Until now, I almost completely avoided links (I still lay things out visually, so there was that pseudo-link based flow): I hate the mouse. This meant that the hyperbolic view was useless to me, thus far.

Quicklinks, which I started using last week, worked, but was sluggish at times. Ziplinks is a game changer.