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The new aTbRef9 site is up


Re-directs from atbref.com not implemented yet.

Been a massive job to turn this around at short notice, and I’ve not had time to fully proof new/revised pages, so some links may be broken. Please report any breakage you find, I can’t fix breakages I don’t know about. It’s a lot of HTML - don’t assume ‘someone else’ has already seen an issue.

It will take me a few more days yet to get all the re-directs, etc. working. The existing v8 baseline is still available *(as indeed are all the old versions).

I hope this helps. Now out of time for today as house guests arriving.


Clap Clap Clap. Thank you for your tireless work. I use it everyday.


Good job @mwra and thanks for your efforts to get aTBRef up and running for v9.0. Ok to post feedback already in this forum ?

The change log link on this page New to Version is broken.

Yes, looks like a new bug relating to exporting links created in v9. Checking further, it’s broken much of the new content. I’m not sure I can fix the links as the links are fine in the doc but are exported incorrectly.

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Please go and spend time with your guests.

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Update: bug reported. Links that export correctly in v8 don’t in v9. Sadly this means much of the links in new aTbRef content is broken. There are too many links to hand-edit the pages, so there be a further hiatus until there’s a fix, plus I’ve a ton of delayed work I must to do before I’ve spare to work on this again. Sorry, especially I’ve just spent most of the weekend trying to get this up for everyone. :frowning:

It is this interpage links that are broken—v9.0.0 has started inserting an incorrect relative path on some (why some?) links.

Fallback: use the sitemap page at aTbRef Site Map. So for instance, to see the pages on the new Hints container (taggers, sentiment analysis, etc) open the site map page and CXmd_F and search for Hints. Command+click the link so it opens in a new tap/window so you’ve still got the site map to look for other new content.

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Sorry to hear this; please feel free to parse out to available forum members. My technical exposure is limited but I can do as instructed for any correction work.

Count me in as well. Happy to assist as needed


No worries, issue has been confirmed and a fix is in hand for the app (the issue is in the export process not the TBX). I think it is actually the reason why some of the links in the v9 Release notes in the app’s Help also fail. It’s odd that the issue doesn’t affect all exported links, it seems its some factor of the outline depth and or difference in outline depth between source and destination.

Anyway, for now, the v8 site still works, and new v9 stuff can be found in the aTbRef9 site map while the linking glitch is fixed.

Offers of help much appreciated but not needed at present as the fix is to re-export once the export process is fixed. I may get some time tonight in which case try and fix some links to new stuff to aid discoverability pending upload of a fully fixed set of pages.

Documentation, the gift that keeps on giving … new tasks :roll_eyes:

Luckily, I implemented the baseline 'what’s new through a change log and so try starting from this page:


That page links to every page with v9.0.0 related changes, both new things (e.g. taggers) and small things (e.g. tear-off icons on pop-ups). So the above might be the best start until I get things fixed.


Hi @mwra !
I’ve just come across a aTbRef page called “Smart Links” with no content. I don’t know where to report bugs/give feedback on ATbRef, so that’s why I’m posting it here.
Thanks for your hard work building this wonderful resource!

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Thanks! That’s definitely not right - as is now fixed, so the tip-off was most useful.

The issue was due to a page renaming. The correct page is here: Smart Links and URLs.

† This page is an alias-like page, in that its body copy uses an `^include^ call to a note of the same name elsewhere in the doc. When the latter’s $Name was updated, I forgot to update the $Path dates in the ^include^ call now fixed. Why not just an alias? Because , IIRC this was an experiment in having better control of linking. The issue is complex and one very few users face, so don’t worry about the ‘why’ of this. :slight_smile:


Mark, as we look back on 2021 and the years prior, thank you! aTbRef is an invaluable resource.


Kind words indeed! It’s been a project that keeps pulling me back. Knowledge tools are a sector that challenge documentation. A utility or single purpose app is comparatively trivial to describe as the scope of design/intended purpose is clear (even if users then push the envelope). Also, writing from ‘outside’—albeit with much close discussion with the designer—helps expose what internally is a chore to do but which benefits, disproportionately, the user of the software.

aTbRef, >17 years and still going. An aeon in internet years. :open_mouth:

This post also gives me a prod to both acknowledge and thank you (@satikusala) for your own contribution to the community. The stream of demos you’ve produced have been a real boon to many. Easily overlooked is the effort needed to produce even the shortest of video; i’d like to also acknowledged that unseen part of your contribution.