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The old public forum is now read-only

The old YaBB-based Tinderbox forums are now closed for new business and are accessible read-only. The new Discourse-based forum is now the main public forum, going forward. Note: to use the new (this!) forum you will need to sign-up afresh (if you haven’t already done so) - though only if you want to post there.

The old forum should still be available to read and so continue to be there as a reference. For those not familiar with HTML & mark-up, I’ve made a small Clarify walkthrough on how to copy links to the old forum’s threads/posts for reference use here: see http://shoantel.clarify-it.com/d/dl7lme.

[Edit, I’ve pinned this globally until 1 Jun 17. Users should be able to un-pin it individually, if desired.

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Dear Mark, might it be a problem at my side that I am not able to access http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/forum//YaBB.cgi anymore? I’d love to dig through the archived knowledge …

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Hi. I don’t have (server-side) access to that forum so can’t really help. I notice the Tinderbox wiki is also now offline. I suggest email to Eastgate (info@eastgate.com) to inquire about the status of the old forum - . When last active, it was running but locked, i.e. read-only and no posting.

At some point it does make sense these forums are taken down as otherwise they spawn a steady stream of posts about now-fixed issues (or missing-now-added features). Despite this, there are interesting posts about things like obscure cross-app data migration. On a more general note, saving the latter and removing the dross of the former is a systematic problem for knowledge resources on the Web which now tend to rely on the ‘tyranny of search’ (if you can’t guess the search term you likely won’t find it!) to find old things rather than expend effort on some human curation. I say this from the experience of having moderated forums and run FAQs, etc, since the '90s and am not suggesting the problem is easy to fix

Something broke in a server Perl update. We’re looking into it.

The old forum is rich, full of very interesting dialog on intellectual issues in knowledge management with Tinderbox – not merely how-to stuff – and it would be shame to shutter it away from view. That kind of forum is a rare treat to find these day. (Not saying this forum is not as good – it’s just not old enough and ripe enough yet.)