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The Shape of Containers

I’m kind of surprised to not see this asked before, but perhaps I’m searching the wrong phrase… is there a way for a container note to be a different shape than the rounded bottom rectangle?

I’m wishing to create a Venn diagram that I can dive into. I can make due w/o circles, but want to see if I’m missing a way to do it.


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There’s only one shape for a container. Or, more precisely, no matter what shape a note has, as soon as it becomes a container it assumes the “container” shape. When the container’s contents are removed, it snaps back to the assigned shape.

Would be a nice enhancement, permitting containers to have other shapes. But the windowshade in a container might have to disappear in some cases. Are you listening @eastgate?

You might want to write @eastgate offline and suggest the enhancement.

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Thanks for this clarification, Paul! And “window shade,” a perfect name for that feature.