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Time Machine, rsync and autosaves in relation to Tinderbox

I’ve seen reference to autosaves of edits here. I’m putting together a better backup regime, and wondered if anyone knew the answer to these questions:

  1. With Time Machine, does it capture the last manually saved version of an open tbx file, or the autosaved version? I think it’s the manually saved version, but wanting to know for sure if anyone has the answer.

  2. Pretty much same question as above, but this time in relation to rsync (run with cron, but I doubt that matters).

  3. Again in relation to rsync, anyone know if zipping a tbx before uploading it to cloud storage is a safe way of doing things when it comes to rsync comparing that zipped file later on to see if it should be updated when it runs?

I think I can test these if the answers aren’t readily available, but just checking first to see if anyone has any experience with these techniques.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if the questions are confusing.

I keep my Tinderbox files in a folder synched by OneDrive, and I notice that any autosaves are uploaded immediately to the same file, and that the modification date changes. There doesn’t seem to be any difference, therefore, between an autosave and a manual one. But I am prepared to be corrected on that score.

As to Time Machine, I assumed it copied anything that was on your hard drive (unless you excluded it). I assumed it was a kind of snapshot of a moment in time, rather than anything more sophisticated.

I was planning on using the massive unused allowance I have at OneDrive as my backup repository, but how are you finding storing live files there? I’ve had a bit of trouble in the past with seemingly stuck syncs. Are you having better luck?

I’ve had no trouble at all thus far, though I’ve only been doing this a few months – basically as a result of iCloud seeming to become much less reliable after October. When people like Howard Oakley start writing utilities to unstick iCloud, you know it is more than just an impression that it doesn’t work very well. But OneDrive has been OK for me till now (fingers crossed). One minor irritation is that it is more restrictive about file names than MacOs – you can’t use question marks and some other characters. Apart from that it seems to work pretty well. As a long-time Mac user (since 1993), it feels odd to say that something from Microsoft is good. But I try not to get too involved in religious wars.