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Timeline and Content manager for a podcast

I need help integrating several Tinderbox documents and a discography for a music biographical podcast. We want to be able to look at our content on the Timeline.
Any tinderboxers looking for a gig? write to me at avantango@gmail.com Thanks, Pablo


Hi all, just wanted to share that Pablo and I connected today and we have a plan to get him up and running. Pretty exciting project:

  1. Build a timeline of life events and assets
  2. Make connections between the events and generate write-up of insights (inline text, images, audio, video) and observations at the intersection of these connections
  3. Take all these insight and them fed into podcast, books, and blogs
  4. Publish the data (easily get it out of Tinderbox)
  5. More

We’ll keep you up to date as to how it turns out.

Thanks Michael!
Your enthusiasm and deep knowledge of Tinderbox, and the fact that you understood clearly and quickly what we are trying to do, and immediately moved on to suggesting ways to do it better, was a god send.
Our celebration of the Argentine musician Astor Piazzolla’s centenary in 2021 just got a lot closer to reality because of your insights and hands on help. I look forward to continuing the implementation of Tinderbox into our multimedia project. It is the ideal platform and you know how to exploit all it’s potential.



I love Astor Piazzolla! Libertango is one of the most compelling short works I know of.

Great luck with your centenary celebration and please keep this community informed.