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Timeline, TimeBand, Color

May I ask some questions related to Tb’s timeline:

  1. I would like to create a timeline with several timebands corresponding to adornments in map view. I found out that I can choose a timeband color to get an even/odd grid, but not if and how I could give each timeband a definite color.
  2. If a long timeline is devided in several shorter timebands – is it possible to manipulate the color of every timeband from its first start to its last end?

Thank you.

$TimelineBandColor sets the color used in colouring all bands (see more), essentially alternating bands of $TimelineBandColor and a tint of $TimelineBandColor

Adornments that have a $StartDate and $EndDate are drawn in the timeline (see more). The adornments cover all bands, between the start/end dates and draw in the adornment colour (and in front of the timeline bands.

Above notwithstanding the answer to your question #1 is ‘no’ you can set the colour of individual bands. As to #2 a timeline band runs the entire width of the view so can’t be subdivided in the way you describe and the colour remains as described re #1.

Sorry it’s not the outcome you hoped for but I hope that helps.

Thank you anyway, Mark.

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You can, however, add adornments to timeline view with their own $StartDate and $EndDate; these will appear as vertical bands marking out a portion of the time.

The Adornments should have values (not "never") for whatever attributes are defined in the Timeline popover as “Attributes: Start / End”. By default these are $StartDate / $EndDate, as mentioned above, but they can be any system or user-defined date attributes in your document.

Thank you all. Oc course I will try out your suggestions and perhaps I’ll come back on this.