Timeline View of a Container

This might be a basic question but is there a way to view the timeline view of just one selcted Container in Timeline View? Also linked to this is there a way to suppress Agent results in timeline View, otherwise duplicates are shown - which don’t appear to be searchable

Open the container in a new tab, and then make that tab a timeline view.

Put the agent outside of that container.

Thanks Paul, excellent a great end to a frustrating Sunday afternoon

Optionally, you could hoist the agent to a new tab, and timeline the agent in that tab.

It’s probably silly and obvious to mention, but the virtue of tabs is that the options for viewing that tab only apply to that tab. A bit of understanding that helps with designing a workable and rich document.

A useful addendum, it’s one of those many features that are “obvious” and yet need reminding of as to how to use fully. It has indeed added a richness to the document. Thanks again