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Tinderbox 7.0.2

Tinderbox 7.0.2 is now available at http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/ .

This new release addresses performance problems reported on some Macs and adds dozens of small improvements.

Is it just me, or are quick links broken in 7.0.2?
I type [[ and a letter, see the list, selecting one erases what I’ve typed, and doesn’t create a link.


argh. last minute bug fix broke something else. will be repaired shortly.

Thank you Mark. This is a huge relief.

Split View doesn’t seem to work with 7.0.2.

The split view works fine here, and we have no other reports of trouble regarding the pane splitter.

As a rule, if you are reporting something that’s unmistakeably obvious, it’s likely that you’re doing something that everyone else is not doing. So, “the split view can’t move if one pane is more than 4096 pixels wide” makes sense, since hardly anyone else has windows that big. Or, “⌘-4 has no effect on macOS 10.10.3” is possible, since it’s likely that few other Tinderboxers use that particular version of macOS.

Of course, in the first few minutes of a release, all bets are off.

Do you have release notes available for this release? I write up the Watchlist Update for TidBITS and it would be great to know exactly what’s changed.


Sorry – they’re in the Tinderbox Help in the download.


Moving a note in outline view could lead Tinderbox to change its map position if the note lay atop an adornment.

Notes lying atop sticky adornments could shift position slightly after the adornment was dragged if the scale was zoomed out. The Adornment Spacing kibbitzers incorrectly tried to snap an adornment to be positioned inside its own boundary.

Move To Front and Send To Back no longer reposition adornments that overlap other items.


Corrected handling of multiple-item drags from Bookends 12.8 and DEVONthink Pro.


Notes dropped into other notes are now placed more visibly in the new container’s viewport.


Some users – often with older Macs and often using macOS 10.11 – experienced poor performance in map view when some views were not drawn on integer boundaries.

The indent and outdent animations in outline view are snappier

Identified a possible bottleneck that may make changing the selection slow for some users, as updatePolicies was incorrectly forcing an update to the width of the text pane even though the text pane width had not changed.

The tab bar was redrawn during drags, which may have caused some performance degradation.


Hold the command key ⌘ while resizing the main window to change the window size without changing the width of the text window.

After creating a new web link, the text pane no longer scrolls to the top.

The HTML pane now opens at the start, rather than the end, of the HTML.

Activating Tinderbox no longer scrolls the selected text to the top.


In outline view, copying a container and then pasting failed to assign prototypes to the pasted descendants of the container, while in map view the prototypes were assigned correctly. All views now handle prototypes correctly.

The Note ▸ Create Composites submenu was not being updated corrected.

At very low magnification in Map view, the link widget could be difficult or impossible to click because Tinderbox dispatched its clicks to the outbound link stub handler, which should lie beneath the link widget.

Corrected a typo in “What’s New?”

The Appearance and Tinderbox inspector panes again run the full width of the window.

Closing an inspector no longer prevents undoing prior inspector actions.

The name of named composites is drawn slightly higher in the map view to allow space for descenders.

Edit ▸ Copy View As Image now draws links that lie outside the current viewport.

Corrected the layout of the plot pane of the Appearance Inspector .

Changing the view type could deselect some selected notes.

Extensive refactoring of view pane management, especially concerning the pane splitter.

Adjusted the layout of the Interior pane of the Appearance inspector so the “large badge” checkbox is correctly placed.

Guarded against a possible deadlock when building the value list for Quickstamp, when Tinderbox is sorting on an attribute we are inspecting with Quickstamp

$HTMLLinkExtension now works.

$HTMLLinkExtension: some users use a post-processor like Jekyll to process their Tinderbox files after export, and want to link to the processed and modified files that will be created after export rather than to the exported files. When constructing text links, $HTMLLinkExtension specifies the extension to be used for link, and replaces $HTMLExportExtension. For example, exported files might have $HTMLExportExtension of .md; these files would be processed to create .html files and contain links to the .html files that will be uploaded to the Web server.

$ViewInBrowser failed when invoked by selecting a note. Sigh. Too many levels of indirection.

Problems moving and resizing the window have been traced to an apparent bug in macOS, which fails to call the NSSplitView delegate

  • (BOOL)splitView:(NSSplitView *)splitView shouldAdjustSizeOfSubview:(NSView *)subview

and instead declines to resize the window. This method was used to constrain the width of the text pane when resizing the window while pressing the Command (⌘) key; that task is now performed by the TbxMapCoordinator, which is invoked by the window delegate.

The “General” tab in Document Settings was inadvertently disabled.

The Preferences window gains a note guiding new users to Edit ▸ Document Settings .

Inexplicably, a change in Tinderbox 7 that removed the requirement that SRect::AsNSRect return integral rects causes performance trouble for some users in map view.

Tinderbox could crash on close because the new splitView delegate was not released properly on close.

Fixed a possible crash when drawing a plot that has no specified target line.

Extensive text drawing modernization.

When browsing files in the key attributes table, you can now select folders as well as files. (1999)

When a note’s $ReadOnly is true, its text pane is not editable.

In the Inspector, the export folder button is correctly labeled even if no note is selected.

An action may once again be simply a stamp name.

Quicklinks now accept multiple characters, which is convenient for whittling down large menu lists in big documents. For example if [[c display too many characters, type [[can for a menu of destinations starting with “can”.

Sierra tabs are enabled again.

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Thanks! I’ll look for them there next time.


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I guess my remark was too terse to be perfectly intelligible. I meant Mac OS “Split View” feature which enables users to fill their Mac screen with two apps side by side. I usually work on the same screen both with Tinderbox and a pdf document opened in Preview. Since 7.0.2 I can’t do that any longer. In Mission Control dragging a tinderbox windows into Preview in full-screen mode won’t enable split view.


  1. Open a document in Tinderbox 7.0.2
  2. Switch to Safari
  3. Press and hold the green stoplight button in Safari, Split View will offer to put this on the left or right side of the display – let’s say we use the left
  4. One the right side of the monitor Split View shows the remainder of open app windows
  5. From that, hover over the small version of the Tinderbox document opened in step 1
  6. Split View shows a message

Formerly, pre-7.0.2, the Tinderbox document could be selected – is was not “not available”.

Might also be a 10.12.4 issue, BTW, instead of a Tinderbox issue.

Might also be a 10.12.4 issue, BTW, instead of a Tinderbox issue.

I don’t think so, my laptop runs 10.12.3 and my desktop 10.12.4 and both computers show the same behavior.

Awesome!!! Thank you :slight_smile:

OMG: finally, thank you so much.