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Tinderbox 7 (Version 7.5.6 (b335)) crashing in Catalina 10.15.3

Every time I attempt a text link, when I click on one of the drop down items that appear once I start typing after the [[ … invariably crash city… Anyone else see this? I’m on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014). Best — JM

At this point v7 is now longer being developed and any fixes are likely applied only to v8.x. The feature in question has had recent work (but only in v8). Please send the crash logs to tech support (info@eastgate.com) for this sort of issue; they can give you a better steer as to possible fixes.

Tinderbox 7 was written before Catalina was proposed. Tinderbox 8.2 runs well with Catalina.

I actually downloaded TB 8 a while back – it didn’t seem to import the notes etc from my TB 7 version. I keep meaning look into what’s the quickest way to do so. Any quick guidance appreciated.

I don’t understand. For Tinderbox notes you simply open your existing TBX files in v8 (or if you’re very cautious copies of the TBXs). Otherwise, from where are these coming?

Tinderbox 7 and Tinderbox 8 use essentially identical files.

Got it. While I have you, I take it that the column functionality in outline view is only global, ie one can’t have column headings specific to different levels in the outline? Or can one?

You can have different tabs with different column settings, but the column setting in a tab applies to all notes in the view.

Key attributes, of course, can be set to change with outline level, or anything else you like.