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Tinderbox 8.0.1

Here’s a copy of the release notes if you’re curious about what’s changed since Tinderbox 8.0.0


Tinderbox again launches on macOS 10.10 and 10.11.



Changing $StartDate, $EndDate, or $DueDate marked the note as changed in appearance, causing unnecessary work after rule updates.

The Rule and Edict inspectors’ Run Now buttons now update the key attributes table.

Attribute Browser

In Attribute Browser, clicking the Query button displays a popover. Clicking the button while the popover is displayed now dismisses the popover; previously, it dismisses the popover and then opens a new popover, which is inconvenient.

Color Schemes

Corrected saving of default $TextColor and $TextBackgroundColor, especially if these have been changed by applying a color scheme.

Dark Mode

The filter bar is less colorful, but now is legible in dark mode

The calendar icon denoting dates in the key attribute table is now visible in dark mode.

The icons for the text inspector and the HTML inspector are easier to see ion dark mode.

The badge popover now has a gray background in both light and dark mode, avoiding trouble when drawing monochromatic icon families.


When tearing off a FIND window, the states of the aliases and case-sensitive buttons are copied from the current settings in the popover.


Revised and reindexed.

Hyperbolic View

After renaming a note in the text pane, the hyperbolic view is now updated to reflect the new display name.

After changing the color or shape of a note, the hyperbolic view is now updated.


Scrivener import is much faster for large documents. Tinderbox was checking for composites after each note was imported, and doing extra work to ensure that each new note did not overlaps with other notes. We can short-circuit much of this unnecessary work.


More indexing is performed on the agent queue, which should reduce intermittent, unreproducible crashes at startup of larger documents.

The reindexing system is now better protected against situations where Tinderbox rules force too-frequent reindexing, as well as situations where avoiding constant reindexing causes changes to go unnoticed indefinitely

Revamped the process of shutting down a document when closing it, to ensure that pending operations are either cancelled or completed before we demolish the underlying structures. This should reduce crashes when quitting or closing documents with lots of actions.

Tinderbox could crash when changing views, if text thumbnails were still in the process of creation. We now wait for pending thumbnails to be created or canceled before deleting LayoutInfo records.


If a container’s title bar was pulled down to the bottom of the container, the line marking its bottom was not properly clipped to the confines of the container shape.

If several notes were moved in the map view, the sibling order of those notes was changed on mouseUp. The sibling order no longer changes.

In map and hyperbolic view, after dragging a link to the background, Tinderbox creates an untitled note and lets you name it and assign a link. Now, if you change your mind and don’t name the new note, the newly-created note and its link are automatically deleted.

When making links in map view by dragging links to the background, the view pane for the hyperbolic view could appear inappropriately if the hyperbolic view had been previously viewed in another tab. This happened because the hyperbolic view updates itself when it is not hidden after links are created, and the view did not understand it had been hidden.

When moving notes in map view, it was possible for a note to form a composite with a separator, though the separator does not appear in map view.

Cleanup: since the staggered button only applies to grid layouts, it is now disabled when other layout methods are chosen.

In map view, when pressing Return to create a note with another note selected, if the note would be created on an adornment, Tinderbox moved the newly-created note off the adornment. Tinderbox now allows Return to create the note on the adornment, adjacent to the selected note.

In map view, the body text is again scaled proportionally to $InteriorScale.

In map view, increased the length of time you must hold the mouse down without dragging to edit the note title.


Minor change to CeresOutlineSurveyor, which sometimes failed to allow sufficient vertical space for the full outline title.

After using the ⌘⇧-down-arrow shortcut to Focus or Hoist a note in outline view, the selection and keyboard focus is restored to the hoisted note.


Cutting text that contains a text link no longer throws an exception in Mojave.

Separators with text more accurately accommodate outline leading.

After switching to HTML or Preview in the text pane, clicking on a note activated its title editor without selecting the note. This should no longer happen.


The timestamp commands Format ▸ Text ▸ Insert Date ⌘-/, Format ▸ Text ▸ Insert Time, and Format ▸ Text ▸ Insert Date and Time ⌘⌥-/ are now available when editing note titles.

Watch Folders

Tinderbox could crash when a watched folder contained a pdf document that the system cannot read, or that is not actually a pdf.

Will you be posting release notes for 8.0.2? I write software watchlist articles for TidBITS and it’s great to be able to link to them from our articles.

You might find this useful: https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index/ChangeLog/v80229May2019.html

(disclaimer: I am the author of aTbRef - 14 years and still going)

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Sorry about that. Release notes for 8.0.2 and 8.0.3 combined are in the new 8.0.3 release

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