Tinderbox 9.5.2 seems to have bug that keeps exporting

Tinderbox 9.5.2 seems to have bug that keeps exporting Bug Video. The html files get written to the default folder set.

I think you’ll find this is not a Tinderbox bug, but rather that the note you’re previewing or exporting has an action that’s changing templates or something like that.

Send the document with instructions for reproducing this to tinderbox@eastgate.com, and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Thanks for the swift reply. I have sent an email to tinderbox@eastgate.com along with a link to video of how to reproduce it. Looking forward to helpful advice.

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If you think about the underlying situation, a folder X can only contain one file named TechnoVideo.html . So, if you have two different notes named TechnoVideo, Preview regards them as interchangeable.

If you name one note “TechnoVideo 2”, all will be well. And this odd behavior is in any case limited to Preview.

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The way I deal with this, for a whole bunch of reasons (including the experience you’re having and so that I can create automated indexes for reports, i.e., what page a term, person, or company is referenced) is to change the $HTMLExportFile name default. By default, Tinderbox will use $Name for the name of an exported file. Using action code, I ask Tinderbox to change $HTMLExportFile name to the note $ID, e.g., $HTMLExportFileName=$ID. This way, when the notes export the file name would like like this 1691167024.html and is guaranteed to be unique. For me, the number is fine, but others might want to append $Name or some truncated version of it to the file name to ensure uniqueness. If some are interested, I’d be happy to create a video on this process, let me know.

Thank you. I pretty much understand your idea here and the way to go about it. I do not think I need a video myself but it may be of help to others.

Great. I’m traveling this week. I’ll make one over the weekend.

FWIW, export doesn’t use the literal $Name, but uses that as the basis of the exported (or internal preview) filename. The additional filters are:

If, as @satikusala does, you explicitly set $HTMLExportFileName, i.e. give it a literal value it overrides all the above; otherwise the exported filename is created from the $name and above settings.

These additional attributes address issues pertinent both in the OS and online when Tinderbox first launched in 2001 but mostly not a problem now. Most people have no need to alter them.

If the automated (or manually set) filename already exists in the current folder (i.e. sibling notes at source) Tinderbox will auto-increment the filename for export but as noted by @eastgate this may not (does not?) occur in preview mode.