Tinderbox and Panorama X?

I’m wondering if anyone integrates TBX with Panorama X in any workflows?

I’m foreseeing occasions where I would like to enter data via forms. These may have pre-existing attributes and values. But these instances (notes in TBX?) would also have body text and other features perhaps not best handled in Panorama X.

The taxonomy/schema of the Panorama X database may also be dynamic/agile, as is possible in TBX, and so changes in TBX could be reflected in PanX. And if attributes & values were added/edited in Panorama X, could that change be reflected in TBX?

I use both daily, and occasionally copy records from Panorama to Tinderbox. (I’ve got a Panorama script to format selected fields for this purpose.)

Would love to learn more about this. Can someone provide an example use case or case studies?