Tinderbox Becker Patreon Session May 2023: Action Code, Template, Functions, and Project Management

Tinderbox Becker Patreon Session May 2023

Level Intermediate
Published Date 4/28/23
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Type Patron Session
Tags 5Cs, 5Cs Learning and Knowledge Management, Action Code, Display Expression, Functions, Notes Organization, Patreon, Project Management, Short Cuts, Status Management
Video Length 58:30
Video URL Tinderbox Becker Patreon Session May 2023 - YouTube
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Instructor Michael Becker

In this session, Paul Christy and Becker get tactical with Tinderbox. We extend our work with the April Becker’s Patreon season and demonstrate how to use Tinderbox action code to adjust status, write functions, organize notes, and generally manage projects. Becker also shows tricks on how to turn on and off agents, use display expressions, and some other shortcuts.

Note: This session was sponsored by Becker’s Tinderbox patrons (patreon.com/tinderboxcourses). Becker’s All Access Patrons receive early access to code, ideas, and support on their projects. They also receive immediate access to each monthly session.

Becker’s June session, which will be made publicly available lat July '23, delves into “getting stuff out of Tinderbox,” specifically emailing out of Tinderbox.

In this session, Paul Christy, Tom, Diaz, and Becker discuss an important Tinderbox concept—“getting stuff out.” Paul Christy opened up the session with, “How do I get stuff out of Tinderbox? Specifically, how can I email people out of Tinderbox?” It just so happens that this is a topic near and dear to Becker’s heart. He has been using an AppleScript process to achieve this for quite some time. However, he recently asked Mark Bernstein, in the backstage if there was a way to do this natively in Tinderbox. Mark responded. Yay! First, let’s discuss the Tinderbox Backstage program. Backstage subscribers (there is a $95 fee) gain early access to Tinderbox alpha and beta releases. They get to bug-test the code. Provide feedback and suggest adjustments and features like Becker did with the email capability. I really encourage you to consider joining the backstage. It is such a great experience. And, this brings us to today. We demonstrate how to use the new mailto capabilities that have been added to the $Email attribute for the next public release and how to draft a template to use with the new $EmailTemplate attribute. We also discussed action code coding. Specifically, we focussed on leverage offsets, which is crucial to learn if you want to get the most out of Tinderbox.

You’re invited to Become Becker’s Patron; he would be grateful for your support. https://www.patreon.com/tinderboxcourses.

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