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Tinderbox crash twice today

For the last couple of weeks I’m seeing Tinderbox crash several times a week. Today that has happened twice in the space of a morning. I’m running V9.3.0 (b566) on an M1 MacBook Air under Ventura with 16GB of memory. I can provide the crash logs, but can’t see how to attach them to this post.

Crash logs are actually of no use here as this is a user-to-user forum. Crash logs need to to to formal support via email, tinderbox@eastgate.com

†. Notwithstanding the fact Eastgate sometimes posts here and provides this forum, the convention of user-to-user forums is that they aren’t formal support. Calls to support about issues like crashes are also a quicker access to help for such issues. No rebuke intended in noting this, I’m just trying to ensure folk get the support they need in timely fashion.

Thanks Mark that’s helpful, as always.

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OK: this brand-new bug has afflicted three separate users in recent days. Here’s a heads up!

  1. It happens when double-clicking a note body in map view to zoom into the map.
  2. It is most common with — and perhaps limited to — users with macOS Ventura (13) on Apple Silicon hardware.
  3. Using down-arrow to zoom into a note, instead of double-click, is an effective workaround.
  4. The current backstage version also solves the problem.
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