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Tinderbox crashing

Hello everyone,

my first post here.

I installed TB demo in two mac computers and I having the same issue in both of them.
When I close a project and opt to revert changes (as opposed to save them), the app crashes. It also crashes at times when I am dealing with large notes. I also installed StorySpace but nothing of the sort happens with it.

Any thoughts on how to address this issue? It makes working on the app really difficult.

Crash Report

Can you please send this information to Tech Support (info@eastgate.com). This is a user-to-user forum so we can’t really see under the hood or diagnose crash reports.

There’s a known problem with revert in the current release, especially if the Inspector is open. It’s addressed in the current backstage release. Workaround: don’t revert. Either undo, or use Time Machine.

There’s no known problem with large notes. Details and crash logs always welcome at info@eastgate.com .

Ok, Mark. Thanks. I will do that.

Thank you, @eastgate. Indeed I kept saving the files to prevent the crash, but I found that it would nevertheless crash on other occasions. After doing some research I decided to create another user on OSX to test the software and the original problem is gone. It hasn’t crashed once. I did, however, get the eternally spinning beachball several times when I tried to explode a large note with using the vertical bar ("|") as a delimiter (the text had a markdown table, but I was using it as plain text). It worked only when I substituted the vertical bar for another symbol and used it as a delimiter. Despite this, the software is usable now and it feels much more stable.

Note that the explode delimiter is a regular expression, so you’d need to escape the vertical bar.