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Tinderbox/favourites - Folder not found in Library-->Application Support

I have been playing with the excellent starter file produced by @mwra available at http://www.acrobatfaq.com/tbdemos/starter7.zip

Advice contained includes;

The ideal usage is to place it in your TB ‘favorites’ folder:
~/Library/Application Support/Tinderbox/favorites

Inside my ~/Library/Application Support/ folder there is no /Tinderbox/favourites sub folders ??

My set up is MacOsSierra 10.12.6 : MacBook Pro (Mid 2014) TBX 7.2

Is this a folder substructure that Tinderbox creates? If so how do I do that. I have created the folders manually but when I place a tbx in here it doesn’t show up in the favourites menu item

Confused and would appreciate assistance as I would love to create a stub file based on Mark’s starter and some personal tweaks - many thanks

If you have installed and run Tinderbox at least once I think you should have a Tinderbox folder in ~/Library/Application Support. Note this is the Library folder in your user account and not the root-level folder of the same name. Open Tinderbox and from the Help menu click ‘Reveal Support Folder in Finder’, what do you see?

See more here on the Tinderbox app support folders.

Thanks Mark for the quick response

Opening the support files via the TBX app did indeed show the collection of subfolders ( config, favourites, fill etc…) However, I could not backtrack to their parents within finder which gave me a lightbulb moment of suspecting hidden folders. A quick google search led to;

if you need to access the ~/Library folder from within an application, you can make the folder permanently visible. Just open Terminal and type in:

chflags nohidden /Users/[username]/Library/

Replace [username] with your user name(!) and hit return. Then you can quit Terminal and your user Library folder will be visible.

This did the trick - I was able to place starter7 ( ticked as a stationary file) into the folder and it now appears in the favourites menu

I presume Library is hidden by default these days so hopefully this will assist others having similar issues

Many thanks once again

Ah, yes. Several OSs back Apple decided to ‘hide’ the user’s Library folder. The normal suggested method of revealing it is, in Finder, to press the Opt (Alt) key whist opening the ‘Go’ menu causing a new entry for you user Library to appear in the menu. I use the latter folder enough that I’ve dragged it into the Finder sidebar, which gives another quick means of access. This hiding of the ~/Library folder is another reason why Tinderbox has a Help menu option to open its own App Support folder, working around the problem of ‘where’ it is.

Sorry about the confusion and glad to hear it’s now working. I’ve made a note to review the aTbref notes to clarify things a bit better (the notes date from before Apple changing the visibility of the users’ Library folder).

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Another method of accessing ~/Library in Finder is to press ⇧⌘L from any Finder window or tab.