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As I work my way through learning Tinderbox, I find myself spontaneously smiling often at some new way I just learned to do something clever and new. As I was going back-and-forth between Tinderbox and my writing program today, I found myself wishing I could use the new 7.3 fonts in the other app. Are these gorgeous fonts available for d/l or purchase? Or are they installed somewhere on the machine where I could make them more available?

See below:
As some of these fonts aren’t listed in my Mac’s FontBook I assume they are licensed by Eastgate and used only for Tinderbox. You might do better to contact Eastgate directly on this (info@eastgate.com)

See further below:
Which faces are we looking for? I don’t see Tungsten or Mercury at Émigré, but perhaps those aren’t the ones to look for?

I’m an idiot. Hoefler. http://www.typography.com/

Ideal Sans
Ringside Condensed
Mercury Text

Whew :smile: found them! Thanks.

Preserving the rough impression of a quill pen on parchment, Tinderbox evokes old manuscripts, ecclesiastical texts, gothic inscriptions, faded tattoos and horror literature; spooky calligraphy for the digital age.

I’m not sure if this spam, or genuinely one of our more off the wall contributions. As a first contribution, I’ll let this run. But as a first post and into to a year old thread, I have some idea.