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Tinderbox for research

Hi all,
I’m trying to use Tinderbox to gather a bunch of research from online sources. Copying and pasting titles and then going back with urls works but is a little cumbersome. Is there a quicker way to go about this?

What I’d like to accomplish as a first step is a mind map with different nodes for each major subtopic I’m researching and then links to the articles, webpages, documentaries and so on for each one of those nodes. I understand how to set up the structure and am looking for an efficent way to get the information into that structure.


If you drag the URL from your browser URL bar to your TBX document window and drop, you get a new note with the page title as the note title ($Name) and the URL added to $URL as set as a key attribute. The URL is also added to the note $Text.

Look at what @PaulWalters suggests in this thread (12/24). You’ll find a nice file example to download with a lot of links.

You don’t say if this research is for a book, article, or for some other purpose. That might alter the approach you take. I have to conform to academic standards, so I have a different workflow. It might not be what you need, but I give it here as an example. I don’t use Tinderbox for initial data gathering. I use it at a later stage. I save all webpages as a pdf, to freeze them in the state I found them (because they may change) and I save the reference data in Bookends. In some cases I use DEVONthink to clip text from a webpage, but it is not my preferred method. My pdfs, which are stored by Bookends in an attachments folder, are indexed by DEVONthink. Any material that I want to work on is dragged into Tinderbox, usually from Bookends. From there I can analyse to my heart’s content.

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