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Tinderbox for stock tracking - example or ideas?


Would it be conceivable to track stocks & investments in TBX?
Reading diagonally through Actions and Dashboards, makes me think it should be possible.
Goal would be to have some permanent interaction (scripted or not) with a spreadsheet of some kind. (looking at portfolio slicer for the moment, but disadvantage is this preferably works on windows versions of excel.) As a spreadsheet would be the principal input of portfolio information. Exchange via cvs would be acceptable.
Idea would also be to copy / paste or drag / drop lots of web based information into TBX, then link it to the relevant stock.

Any ideas on how to get started on this?



As a start, I’d rough out the path from both ends. What sort of things do you want to see in your dashboard(s) - indeed depending on screen space you might want several containers one for each dashboard that might go on a different tab. That will give you some idea of the input data (attributes) you need. You can then compare that to your source data and see the degree of match. Some computations that may be needed may be better done pre-import (e.g. complex maths). Also consider number of items per ‘display’ in the dashboard and that things like container plots aren’t really for full-on graphing. It’s worth doing this sort of run-through to test for any show-stoppers. Otherwise one tends to start at one end only to arrive at the need for a missing feature - which is frustrating. If you’ve firm ideas as to what sort of view you want, I’d also mock that up with static test data.

Regarding import, something you can’t do - lest it be assumed otherwise - is to re-import a dataset and have that update existing notes. Depending on what you’re attempting, I can see that this might be an assumed requirement.

When I was doing my own investing I made up Notes for each stock or ETF I was following but simply used links to external sources such as two brokerages and several bulletin boards. A great resource was value forum an group of individual investors who post their own portfolios and “rules” of investment There is a low cost trial period (www.valueforum.com)

I think spreadsheets are much better done by the brokerages if you want updates on a portfolio. TBX would be better for aggregating news sources than financial data.

Of the brokerages for traders, options etc I would recommend Think or Swim from TD Ameritrade.
One of the things you DO NOT want is any errors in figures and I think following brokerage accounts is safer in that regard than transferring data elsewhere, where it is more readily hacked from your own computer.

So for example you might have a container DailyUpdates and then put in links to brokerage portfolios
Another for ALERTS or NEWS each of these could have child notes for individual stocks or ETF.s
Prototypes fori individual notes could control varying inputs.

If you are an active trader, day trader etc that is a whole different world.

Good luck,

I have done similar – though in a different context (i.e., not investing). The trick is to practice this with test data a few times over several days to be sure the process is working and sustainable. You don’t want to be surprised someday by realizing what you thought a data element meant is not what it actually means – e.g., what you thought was the “day’s closing price” was actually the “52 week running average closing price”.