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Planning Notes

In all kinds of Tinderbox documents, we see planning notes – notes written to yourself that identify future tasks. In The Tinderbox Way, I call these meta notes. For example, if I’m taking notes at a research conference, then

Ask Dr. Higgins whether her program could scale to thousands, or millions, of test items.

is a planning note. So is:

Remind ENG 32 that they really ought to begin War And Peace soon.

Right now, you might distinguish planning notes by giving them a special color or shape, or by assigning them a prototype. Or, you might include a tag in the text like @urgent or TODO. Often, you can automate this by creating all your planning notes in a specific container, or on a designated adornment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Tinderbox automatically recognized planning notes? This is challenging, but I think it might be possible — and could open the way to even more opportunities.

How you can help

Send me the text, or the titles and text, of your planning notes.

I’m fairly confident that I can get Tinderbox to recognize my planning notes, but we want Tinderbox to recognize yours, too.

I’d love actual notes, but would be happy to have you invent some planning notes that you can imagine yourself writing. Feel free to substitute imaginary names and places if you like. We won’t share these with anyone outside Eastgate.

How many? I think that ten or twenty examples from each contributor would be nice. A hundred is plenty. Try to be as realistic as you can.

What format? Plain text is fine. So is Tinderbox! You can just write them here. Or email them to bernstein@eastgate.com, mentioning TINDERBOX PLANS in the subject.

When? Right now.


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