Tinderbox meets PyScript

The new Poster Notes are an amazing addition to Tinderbox and allow to interact with tools that run in a web browser. In the example I tried to use the Pyscript module (Python in a webbrowser) in Tinderbox. I generated a very simple tinderbox file to show that it works (Tinderbox >= 9.6 is required).

From the Readme file in the Template:
In the demo I am using three Poster Templates:

  1. Hello World as shown in the demonstration video on the new Poster Prototype (Tinderbox Meetup)

  2. The pyscript file as shown in the example of the Pyscript page (pyscript).

  3. The pyscript file with a variable to enter the variable of the note (pyscript2).

Pyscript itself is very powerful and under a very dynamic development. The interaction so far is just from Tinderbox to the Pyscript web page. I still have to work out how it works out the otherway round.

One use of Tinderbox could be to sue the Poster Prototype page to program Pyscript and see the result in a Tinderbox Note (like in example 2).

More on Pyscript can be found at https://pyscript.net.
Pyscript_meets_Tinderbox.tbx (186.8 KB)