Tinderbox Meetup 15 JAN 2023

Tinderbox Meetup 15 JAN 2023

Level Beginner
Published Date 1/15/23
Tags Building Communities, ChatGPT, Explode, Export Code, Knowledge Management, Map View, Note Parsing, Outline View, Preview, Quickstamp, Research, Templates, Tinderbox
Video Length 1:33:26
Video URL Tinderbox Meetup 15 January 23 - YouTube
TBX Version 9.5
Instructor Michael Becker

As is the case with nearly all Tinderbox meetups, we discussed several topics, topics not just about Tinderbox, but general tool use, communities, a bit of knowledge management history, and more. It all nicely hangs together.

In this TBX meeting, we reviewed several topics:

  • Centralized vs. federated systems management
  • Manually synchronizing outline sibling orders within map view via Quickstamp; this idea has a broader context to a desire for some users to have flattened map view to create process flow and architecture diagrams in map view to align with linear and nested reports.
  • Blogging with Tinderbox
  • Exploding and parsing text with action code, a review of this forum thread
  • Automating hashtag production (we did not demonstrate this, but it was a topic raised).
  • Building Communities
  • Zoom and microphone issues
  • Working with the new TBX 9.5 Preview
  • Dealing with name clashes in Tinderbox

Building Communities

Bruce is working on building a community for his practice. He has been using TBX as a central repository to manage his resources, presenters, and course content. He has looked at several solutions to support his community, including WordPress, Squarespace, Memberful (David Sparky’s preferred platform), Circle, BBForum, Discord, Discourse. The goal is to appeal to the broadest set of users. He has landed on WordPress and Memberful.

Working with the new TBX 9.5 Preview

We reviewed the introduction to the new Preview template in TBX 9.5. See supporting video. This introduced a good discussion around temples, use of export code, note name collisions and why one might want to use unique note notes to avoid these.

Manually synchronizing outline sibling orders within the map view

@MWRA, Mark Anderson, walked us through a strategy of synchronizing outline order notes in map view. Simple action code includes $Caption=$SiblingOrder.

Exploding and parsing text with action code

Most of the session revolved around this demonstration. We took some example text and worked through the use of explode to parse $Text into separate notes and clean up the names and text of the notes. We discussed the nuance of RegEx.

Integrate Tinderbox with CTP3 and OpenAI’s ChatGPT

About a year ago @Satikusala tried to do this. He has asked if anyone in the TBX community can help him create a command line connection or app via OpenAI’s API to interface with Tinderbox.

Notable references

  • as noted by Dave Rogers, Dave Winer create of RSS, produced RSS to be able to create content in one platform and then publish to wherever you want
  • Micro. Blog, a blogging services note by Dave Rangers- With its roots in microblogging, Micro. The blog provides an open platform that connects with the rest of the web: follow Mastodon accounts, send email newsletters to subscribers, share photos, cross-post a copy of your posts to Twitter, and more. Micro. the blog is a suite of tools made by people who love writing on the web.”
  • Articles about blogging
  • NYTimes… 1954-01-08, IBM’s (in)famous “machine translation” demo: TimesMachine: Friday January 8, 1954 - NYTimes.com (David Eddy)