Tinderbox Meetup 21 JAN 2023

#queries-rules-automation Tinderbox Meetup 21 JAN 2023

Level Intermediate
Published Date 1/21/23
Revision 1
Tags Documenting Requirements, Flatend Map, Knowledge Management, Map View
Video Length 01:45:00
Video URL Tinderbox Meetup 21 JAN 2023 - YouTube
TBX Version 9.5
Instructor Michael Becker

In this Tinderbox meetup, we had a theoretical conversation about visual vs. abstract thinking, e.g., maps vs. outline, vs. attributes, using tinderbox for requirements gathering, GhatGPT, and more. We did not get to a practical example (i.e., using Tinderbox for course lecture development and grading) until the very end of the session.

We started out discussing how one community member has been using Tinderbox to help with software requirements documentation and the effort to align requirements between IT, project managers, business, and sales teams. We then discussed at length how one can use the different views offered by Tinderbox to think; we cogitated on how some views are more visual while others require abstraction thinking. This conversation then dove into a new feature request, i.e., the idea of a “flattened map” or the ability to draw a persistent flattened outline. We also talked briefly about ChatGPT, and how it can be used to both help and hurt knowledge management. We concluded the session with a quick demo on how to summon up numbers (e.g., points) from child notes and render attributes from these notes in a table (the example was summing up assignment grades for a course syllabus and managing course lectures).


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