Tinderbox Meetup April 9, 2023 Video: Export, AppleScript, Quantitative Analysis, TBX Views Review

Tinderbox Meetup April 9, 2023 Video

Level Intermediate
Published Date 4/9/23
Type Meetup
Tags 5Cs, 5Cs Learning and Knowledge Management, Action Code, Attribute Browser View, Attributes, Chart View, Crosstabs View, Export Code, Hyperbolic View, Map View, Outline View, Timeline View
Video Length 01:38:04
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Video URL Tinderbox Meetup April 9, 2023 Video - YouTube
TBX Version 9.5
Facilitator Michael Becker

In this Tinderbox session, we started by briefly discussing exporting and difference checking in Tinderbox. Becker then jumped in and provided a detailed review of using atomic notes to proxy to notes, the flowing got data across these notes, and then how he is generating quantitative analytics with action code. We concluded the session with Mark Bernstein, Mark Anderson, and Becker reviewing Tinderbox views.

Export to HTML, Getting an Extraneous Folder

Dave Rogers has a question about extraneous folders being created on export and why some notes may not be exported.

Checking difference in TBX files

  • Run agent for $Modified or $Created to see notes that have changed
  • Consider using Kaleidoscope to do a Diff between Tinderbox files

Apple Script

  • Dave has a shell issue
  • Becker trying to email from Tinderbox

Becker Demonstrates Proxy Notes and Qualitative Analysis in TBX

Becker reviewed organizations’ speakers for an event and those for normalizing and quantifying the seniority of the speakers as well as other stats.

Bernstein Demonstrates TBX View

Mark Anderson, Mark Bernstein, and Michael Becker demonstrate immature and mature TBX docs uses of different views.

  • Map View
  • Outline View
  • Chart View, e.g., can create horizontal vs. vertical charts
  • Timeline
  • Treemap
  • Attribute Browser
  • Hyperbolic View


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I had suggested a primer on simple notes and TBX Views, and really appreciated the session today–it made it very clear and boosted my appreciated of Tinderbox! (I was tied up this morning–Pacific Time–with Easter obligations).
Key takeaways for me were: (1) understanding for the first time that Hyperbolic View only showed Notes that had links (makes total sense, but I never “got” that until today); (2) Treemap View is an efficient way to show lots of Notes in limited screen space, with controls for weighting; and Attribute Browser View can essentially be a report-writer for your entire Tinderbox Document.
Thanks again for the great session and video!