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Tinderbox Meetup: Bay Area + Zoom

Dear All,

My apologies: I’ve been meaning to set up another online meetup for months, but I never remember till the weekend, which is too late, so…how about having one next week?

At the moment, my calendar is free on Saturday and Sunday.

Last time we did this, Saturday worked well. Before 10a works well for most of Europe, but might be too late for our friends in Asia and Australia.

I could meet as early as 8a (give or take a little; I usually get up quite early).

For now, let’s tentative say Saturday, August 15, at 9a.

We can tweak as we go.

Until soon :wave:



I assume you mean 9 AM PST?

Will you be sharing the Zoom code here?


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OOPS! yes, PDT, and I’ll paste a zoom link in this thread the morning, of, like the last time (assuming anyone wants to join me).

a reminder: i don’t have a pro zoom account, so if there are more than three people, we’ll have a limit of 30 minutes, so i’ll just start another one right after and post the new link here too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll be there! (Might be a little late if local political meeting runs over, but will do my best)

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That’s fantastic, Mark! Should I assume that moving the meetup earlier will not work well for you, as you have a prior engagement?

Assuming that’s the case, let’s settle on 9a PDT for this meetup and make sure I don’t wait so long to get up the next one! Obviously, others are free to create meetups as well! :heart:

good morning, afternoon, and evening, friends :sun_with_face::full_moon_with_face:

a few minutes before 9a PDT, I’ll start zoom, get the invitation URL, and paste it here.

since this is a free account, zoom limits the call to 40 minutes. once we get shut down, i’ll get a new invitation URL, and paste it here.

in hindsight, i should have added an agenda of possible topics. i remember one item we discussed at our last meetup was creating various kinds of templates or videos for the different kinds of use cases we bring to tinderbox. we also talked about creating a project on which we could all collaborate.

that latter is exciting, but like most file types, tinderbox files don’t lend themselves to access from multiple locations at the same time. if there is a project, it would need some kind of project management to coordinate accessing the file—any project files, really.

i’ve been looking forward to this all week!

until soon,

and so it begins….

come on back!

that was fantastic, everyone! thank you for joining in.

i’m going to start a new forum post for “next week.” hope to see you there!


Thank you so much for putting this together. Although it’s difficult for several to jump in to demonstrate a solution (we can’t all grab the mouse!), we’re certainly making progress toward getting people unstuck. I learned some new things about Timelines that I didn’t know (TimelineBand).

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Here’s the post link for next week:

Thank you again! That was a lot of fun!!


Thanks again for your efforts pulling this Tinderbox exchange together. Looking forward to next week.


Thanks to everyone for putting this together and allowing me to begin the process of greater mastery. Very much looking forward to next week’s meeting.

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you’re welcome, everyone! and thank you too!!