Tinderbox Meetup March 26, 2023 Video: Project Management and Anki Cards

Tinderbox Meetup March 26, 2023 Video: Project Management and Anki Cards

Level Intermediate
Published Date 3/26/23
Type Meetup
Tags Action Cdoe, Anki, Attributes, Cloze Cards, Create, Export, Highlight Operator, Incremental Formalization, Over Abstraction, Path, Premature Formalization, Project Managment, Solution Documentation, Space Repetition Learning, Stamp, System Attribute, Template, Tinderbox, User Attribute, Variables5Cs Knowledge Management
Video Length 01:36:55
Video URL Tinderbox Meetup March 26, 2023 Video: Project Management and Anki Cards - YouTube
Example File TBX Meetup 26MAR23 Project Management and ANKI Review.tbx (233.3 KB) and tbx1513 Best practices methodology for a new project.docx.zip (159.1 KB)
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TBX Version 9.5

We had an engaging Meetup today, one that was inspired by this post [ Best practices methodology for a new project }(Best practices methodology for a new project). One of our community members was interested in how to,

  1. Gather information for learning
  2. Create reusable assets
  3. Documenting systems
  4. Exporting content to a specific format, e.g., Anki Flashcards

We reviewed and discussed the member’s provided Word file (see attached). We talked about project management vs. knowledge collection management at some length (inc., premature formalization, highlighting, attribute, abstraction, etc.). This discussion included a deep dive into the nature of naming things and using the Tinderbox system and user-generated details. We then dove out of the knowledge and project management philosophical clouds into a specific tactical project, i.e., methods for creating Anki Cloze flashcards and the template to export them so that the Anki desktop app can ingest them. We also demonstrated using Stamps, create(), and the parsing of highlight text (i.e., the .highlights operator) with action code.

Here is an example of the action code to parse highlighted text into a list $MyList=$Text.highlights("red”);. This will make sense when you watch the video.

Becker also did a deep dive on how he is preparing for and managing an event in May, the MEF CONNECTS Personal Data & Identity (ID &Auth) Event.

NOTE: We did not finish exporting the file from TBX to a text file. We’ll review this next week. You’ll want to set $HTMLMarkupText to remove the </br> or \n with spaces and select “Export selected note.” Chang the .html extension of the preferred not .txt. I suspect that there may be a couple more tweaks that will need to be made to import these notes into Anki successfully. We can review these steps in future sessions.



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