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Tinderbox Meetup Saturday, 21 August

This Saturday, August 21, we’re planning a special Tinderbox meetup. Tinderbox developer Mark Bernstein is currently working on a conference workshop session about “The Roots Of Hypertext In Personal Liberation” — the aesthetic and critical movements that emerged in Europe and North America in the wake of the world wars. In this session, we’ll take a look at influences on Tinderbox — and at the Tinderbox map he’s using to explore them.

Janis Joplin and Susan Sontag, Louis Sulliivan, Francis Picabia, and Dashiell Hammett…. and on to Tinderbox: it’s a journey,

Bring your questions! Meetups start with a chance to solve current obstacles and to hear about new Tinderbox projects. These meetups are interactive and lively. Beginners are especially welcome.

Time: August 21, 2021 12:00 noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)

9 AM Pacific Time
Noon Eastern time
1300 São Paulo
1600 UTC
1700 London
1800 Paris
2130 Dehli

This sounds great! I will not be able to participate due to family holiday, but I look forward to watching the video.

I had network problems during the meetup, which fouled up the latter half. I’ll try to record the presentation separately.

The video is here: https://vimeo.com/591098821