Tinderbox Meetup Saturday 23 Mar. 2024: Scatterplot Map View with Allen Mikaelian

In a recent post on the TBX Forum Allen Mikaelian shared a fascinating idea: create scatterplots in map view to generate insights from your notes. We will dedicate a portion of this meetup to Allen, who will walk us through his process. Allen’s talk will not take up the entire session. Please let us know if you have anything else you’d like to discuss.

Bring your projects and puzzlements! Everyone is welcome. Long-time Tinderbox users, new Tinderbox users, and non-Tinderbox users are very welcome to join in on the discussion.

Tinderbox 10-Minute Training: Inheritance

[@satikusala will explain the concept of inheritance: This discussion will be pushed to next week]

Tinderbox Trainers Wanted

We are inviting Tinderbox community members to deliver a “Tinderbox in 10-minute Training” session. We want to kick off each weekly Tinderbox meetup with a 10-minute training that explores a Tinderbox feature and explains how to use it in a specific context. Again, the training should explain what the feature does and provide a contextual example of how the training is using it (sample files are most welcome). If you’d like to provide one of these training, please DM @satikusala or @eastgate on the Tinderbox Forum, and we’ll schedule your session on the Tinderbox Meetup Calendar .

9 AM Pacific Time

Noon Eastern time

1300 São Paulo

1600 UTC

1700 London

1800 Paris

2130 Delhi


Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 617 924 9044

Passcode: tinderbox

For more details and to join the conversation with the Tinderbox community, visit the Tinderbox Forum. Tinderbox Meetup Calendar .

Unfortunately, the recording for this session failed. I’m going to try to work with Allen to to rerecord the highlights. Even the chat did not save, which is extremely odd. I’ll post the the notes I took sometime tomorrow.